Have you switched to WPA3 in your Wi-Fi?

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@piotrsikora@pol.social my router doesn't support it, so nope (and no, i can't openwrt it either, because then i'd lose access to 5ghz)

@piotrsikora@pol.social maybeeee? I don't know, this one is enough for now, I am moving most of the devices to the wired network soonish though so like, whatever

@piotrsikora no, because until right now neither i nor any of my equipment even knew there *was* a WPA3

so until i replace all my wifi-only devices (and my router) with stuff that understands it (which could be a few years), i'm obliged to stick with WPA2

@piotrsikora many old devices will never *get* firmware upgrades. almost every WiFi device i have is an Android device, and most of them are phones or tablets that don't even have newer versions of Android than what came with them. only one of my phones is still receiving regular updates, and still it only knows about WPA2.

the future is not nearly as rosy, or as populated, as you seem to believe

@thamesynne WPA3 is from 2018 and in 2020 all Wi-Fi certificates hardware must support WPA3.

In my office for about 20 devices only one don’t support WPA3 … it was windows 7 with laptop from 2010 ;)

@piotrsikora Not sure what home stuff you mean. I don’t use any Internet of Things stuff.

@piotrsikora I watch TV on my workstation, which is adequately secured, and print things at the library.

@piotrsikora there is also "WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE Mixed mode" which allows use of both, WPA2 and WPA3 clients

@dadosch yeah I know that… now in my office and home I have two networks… one is in wpa3 only, and second is for guest in mixed mode.

@piotrsikora Thanks for the reminder! I just activated it :)

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